Rose Lake Elk Ranch

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Elk Velvet Antler Dietary Supplement (60) 250 mg. capsules per bottle

100% pure Elk Velvet Antler Suggested dosage: 1-4 capsules per day.

Liquid Velvet™ Antler Dietary Supplement
50 ml. glass dropper bottle equivalent to 100 capsules.

Mandarin flavor Elk Velvet Extract in 60/40 Kosher glycerin / alcohol base. Take by itself, or add to your coffee, tea, or juice. 5 drops is the equivalent of a 250 mg. capsule.

Wapat! Liquid Velvet™
1 fl. oz. plastic spray bottle

Liquid Velvet™ in a 1 oz. non-breakable spray bottle to take along with you. Just spray directly in your mouth or under your tongue.

Liquid Velvet™ Topical Skin Cream
4 fl. oz. squeeze bottle

Elk Velvet with emu oil in a lightly fragrant skin cream. Uses include: joint pain, muscle aches, rashes, insect bites and a host of other indications. A generous 4 oz. bottle goes a long way.

50/50™ Pet Revitalizer
Half Elk Velvet and half elk liver in powder form to be sprinkled on pet's food or fed directly.
2 oz. bottle will supply a 40 lb. dog for 30 days.

250 mg measuring spoon inside jar for pet owner's convenience.

Compliance and Cooperation

Rose Lake Elk Ranch is registered with the FDA registration # 18662143788 and certified by the USDA # IDCA024 Cooperative Tuberculosis Eradication.
RLER qualified for an 11 year CWD status conferred by the ISDA November 1, 2011.
We also received a 2014 Food Safety Award of Excellence and are Food Permit licensees from and by Panhandle Health District. - Credentials -