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The evidence is really clear that many dogs experience relief from the symptoms of joint pain and stiffness by eating Elk Velvet Antler. The 50/50 Pet Revitalizer we offer contains 50% freeze dried elk liver and 50% EVA. We offer this product for pets as a way to introduce a nutritious and effective remedy for dogs and other pets suffering what appears to us to be joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation.
An article from The Canadian Veterinary Journal provided here courtesy of Canadian Veterinary Medical Association concludes
The beneficial effects of EVA on arthritic dogs were objectively and subjectively demonstrated in this study. Based on the improvements observed here, consideration should be given to a powder of quality elk velvet antler in the treatment of canine OA.
When you are sure of the benefits EVA provides your Best Friend's comfort and quality of life, we also invite your inquiries for 100% pure EVA bulk capsules and powder.